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What exactly is is a leading male escort directory. Though, we are not a male escort agency. Independent callmen are able to book advert space to present their male escort services to customers worldwide. Thanks to our free and anonymous contact method you are able to contact our male escorts directly by e-mail. Easy and convenient.

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Feel free to browse the male escort directory. Found a man of interest? Please use e-mail form on his sedcard to get in contact. All you have to do then is to verify your e-mail adress. By clicking a link that is sent to you (it's called opt-in), your message will then be sent to the male escorts' post box. Getting in contact with a gorgeous male escort only takes 1-3 minutes, and it's free.

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Yes, it's free. Plus: No registration is required for female customers. Costs do only apply for escort adverts.

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It's surprisingly easy to date a male escort. It's definetively not just about sex. Professional escorts offer a large selection of adult escort services: from classic escorting to handicraft activities, travel and business companionship, professional massages, yoga and more. Male escorts are not prostitutes.

Customers can find additional tips in our FAQ section. Don't worry, take care and have fun!

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